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How Do I choose the right company?

Everyone wants the best rate and why shouldn't they, after all who couldn’t use a discount. Unfortunately, some brokers understand this, and that leaves a lot of room for "boiler room" style brokers. They use dishonorable tactics to bait you into unrealistic agreements that unfortunately will not get your vehicle moved. To avoid those scenarios, you must understand a few things about the actual process that will help you have a much more positive experience in getting your vehicle transported. After all, as much as getting the best rate is important, I believe getting your vehicle moved safely and on time, is the just as equally important. The first thing to always remember is that 9 out of 10 of the companies you are entertaining to hire to coordinate your transport are brokers. You should know a broker does not have personal trucks or drivers, this is very significant to you as a customer. Because of the "Broker factor", you must understand that until a carrier confirms the information a broker is giving you, the information is still in an "estimated" status. Which means the price and the pickup date isn’t finalized until you and the carrier reach an agreement, and of course the broker should be there to mediate an agreement that works for the both of you. Now you may be asking yourself when and how do I get a confirmed rate, after all how can you decide without some confirmed information? Well as brokers we have access to a loading board called Central Dispatch. If this is your first time trying to coordinate something like this I wouldn’t be surprised if you never heard of this board but in general the first thing you should know is what a load board is. A load board is simply just a website were a carrier goes to find loads on the routes that they are running. The load board called Central Dispatch is were every broker plans on posting your vehicle to locate a reputable carrier to move your vehicle and this is another significant part of the process. Understanding every broker is using the same load board to locate a carrier will help you avoid "double posting", double posting happens when a customer allows more than one broker to post their vehicle on the same board. From a carriers perspective when they are looking over the board to locate a load they are interested in they see a multiple posted vehicle as a customer who is just bidding against themselves and more importantly they don’t know what offer is the real one or which broker actually has access to the load to legitimacy assign to them for pickup, usually they will either ignore the posting or they will just go with the highest bid on the board either way it just brings unnecessary confusion and also removes all leverage in the negotiation process. The key to successfully locating a carrier at the best rate is to allow one broker to represent you on this board. A carrier will call and confirm their availability and their rate they can do it for. We will make sure the carrier is reputable, by ensuring the carrier can commit to keeping your vehicle on the same truck from pickup to delivery and we also make sure they carry insurance that will properly cover your vehicle with bumper to bumper coverage with a 0$ deductible to you. Once we can confirm this we will reach out to you with a confirmed offer, so you now can decide if you want to accept or pass on it. Ideally when we locate an offer you are comfortable with, we will contract the carrier for you. Currently, we charge a deposit as well to lock it all in. The deposit is normally about $175.00 this will be removed from the total balance, so it is not an additional cost, the remaining portion will be paid cash or certified funds directly to the carrier on delivery.

Only work with reputable brokers

So how do you know what broker to go with. I would say first check up on any customer-based review sites, such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or you can also check Sites like these will list reviews customers have left on their experiences with these companies and should give you an idea of what kind of experience you can expect to have.

Should you listen to your gut

Yes, you should trust your gut. Here’s how, remember trusting your intuition is the ultimate act of trusting yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable with the broker in the beginning, chances are you will not be happy at the end. Communication is key, a good agent is always transparent and good at communicating and answering all questions you have concerning your transport. You should never feel pressured to move forward until you are ready, chances are something is wrong if a broker makes you feel this way. Take your time, weigh out the facts and make the best decision for yourself.


Rates ultimately affect how quickly you will receive a confirmed spot with a reputable carrier. Always remember carriers are always looking to maximize space on their truck. The size of the vehicle, price, and the location of pickup and delivery are large factors that are taken into consideration when carrier is making a decision as to what they will pickup. With our experience we’ve come to the conclusion that are 3 different type of “legitimate” estimates that can get your vehicle moved. There are Stand By Rates, Fair Rates, and Expedited Rates lets break them all down .

Stand By Rates

9 out of 10 times when you go to these websites that promise you 5-10 estimates from different brokers you are receiving a Stand By Rate. A Stand By Rate is the lowest rate a carrier may entertain when they have a final spot they need to fill in. The advantage and benefit of a Stand By Rate is that you can get a discounted rate to move your vehicle. The downside of the stand by rate is that the carriers wait until last minutes to book these loads, which means you will not have much notice to get your vehicle ready to move. With this rate carriers will give no more than 24 hours’ notice, sometimes they reach out only a few hours before pick up, which can make it difficult for you as a customer to prepare accordingly.

Fair Rates

Just like you as a customer want the best rate, a carrier has the same aspiration to maximize space on their truck (which means getting the highest return.) A fair rate is important when negotiating with a carrier to get them to commit to pick up and delivery of your vehicle. So, a fair rate is a rate that does just that it’s a competitive rate the carrier would be willing to take a contract on. A fair rate is normally 100 to 150 dollars more than a Stand By Rate.

Expedited Rates

An Expedited Rate is normally about 100 to 150 dollars higher than a fair rate. A customer would be entertaining a rate like this to get a carrier to give their vehicle a high priority and normally you would use this to get a vehicle moved as soon as possible.