On this page we have collected the most popular questions, so that you could easily find the answer for almost any question you may have.

  • Why a broker?
  • How is my estimate calculated?
  • When is my price locked in?
  • When do I pay?
  • What should I expect after we contract the carrier?
  • What should I expect on day of pick-up?
  • What should I expect on day of delivery?
That’s a great question, the broker in this process serves more like an advocate or mediator for negotiations between you and many carriers at one time. Ultimately giving you the customer the best opportunity to get the fastest most convenient cost effective solution for moving your vehicle. While you are coordinating the other things going on in your life, Care agents will coordinate the entire process. Ensuring the best carrier does the job for you at the fairest rate without compromising quality of service. Your car will be fully insured with a $0-dollar deductible to you, covering your car bumper to bumper up to $100,000 dollars in total coverage for an open carrier transport and $200,000 to $500,000 on an enclosed trailer.
A few things go into calculating your final cost in transporting your vehicle, keep in mind as brokers we do not own trucks so getting an estimate turned into a solid quote require a few variables to come together. The first thing we do is post your vehicle on a loading board called Central Dispatch making a fare offer to carriers based on the current market rate being offered to run the transport, keep in mind prices as far as carriers are concerned are influenced by many things such as road conditions, fuel cost, state tolls, etc. these and other factors make the biggest difference in cost. Don’t worry all our estimates are fully inclusive we will make sure all expenses are covered with any carrier we are working with to move your vehicle. After we have confirmed with a carrier’s availability and price, a Care agent will contact you with a confirmed offer that you can accept or decline.
Once a carrier is interested in moving your vehicle they will contact your Care Agent representing your vehicle to do one of 2 things they will either accept the offer as is or they will make a counter offer. Keep in mind your Care Agent is an advocate for you in this process, representing your best interest. We will make sure the carrier will have your vehicle fully insured, with a $0 deductible insurance coverage. Once your Care Agent reaches an understanding with the carrier we will contact you with the offer. If you accept the offer, your Care Agent will contract the carrier at which point a deposit is due, locking in your rate and space on the truck. You will also be given all the contact and insurance information for the carrier at that time.
Because as brokers none of us own drivers you should never find yourself in a position where you are paying any cost up front. The broker will always work on getting the lowest estimate for you but keep in mind until a carrier has committed to the price as well as time of pick-up and delivery by signing a contract nothing discussed is guaranteed, keeping that in mind when a carrier is confirmed and both you and the carrier have signed contracts on the arrangement a deposit will be charged, usually about 25% of the complete cost. The remaining amount will be paid directly to driver on delivery. Most carriers will be expecting cash, cashier check, or money order.
After the contract has been signed you will receive all the contact and insurance information for the carrier who has been assigned to you. Your carrier will be in contact with you 12 to 24 hours before pickup.
Your vehicle should be empty. Carriers often allow 50-100 pounds of personal items, but this must be approved and may come with additional cost. Gas tank cannot be full, it should be between a quarter and half tank. The carriers are always instructed to contact you within 12-24 hours before pick up. When the carrier pulls up he will make sure the area is safe for pick-up, then he will do a documented walk around inspection of your vehicle. Once you agree on condition and sign the paperwork the carrier will give you a copy and then begin to load the vehicle.
Just like the pick-up the drivers are instructed to call you within 12-24 hours before delivery to confirm a time and the place. Please keep in mind that these carriers can be 50+ feet long and the safety of the equipment and everything around it is the carriers #1 priority. Be sure the destination can potentially support a trailer that large, worst case scenario the carrier may request a location more fitted for the task such as a large parking lot or truck stop. When the carrier delivers the vehicle, he performs a documented walk around inspection. Then you sign off on the condition you are receiving the vehicle. Please watch the inspection closely; if there are any damages its paramount you catch it here and not when the carrier leaves for insurance purposes. The carrier will expect the remaining portion of the bill. Please have ready cash, cashier’s check, or money order, no personal checks.